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Royal Crown Slot Race Results and win video 8/9/2020

Royal Crown Slot Race Results and win video  8/9/2020

Royal Crown Slot Race Results Saturday 8/8/20  
   1st 14.971 $4614.00             Maggie Poloncic on Aint Seen Me Yet       
   2nd 15.146 $3626.00             Marcie Wilson on Our First Goodbye        
   3rd 15.214 $2966.00             Anna Jorgenson on CFour Tibbie Stinson    
   4th 15.245 $2307.00             Christine Derenzo on Jess Undeniable      
   5th 15.290 $1648.00             Desirae Wheeler on ImChocoJingleJangle    
   6th 15.327 $1318.00             Amelia McCumber on Aint Seen Famous Yet   

   7th 15.363                      Fonda Melby on Lady By The Bay            
   8th 15.406                      Janna Brown on Leos Pretty Woman          
   9th 15.420                      Lynn Kohr on Golden Cloud                 
  10th 15.423                      Annaliese Allshouse on Genuine Diamond Du
  11th 15.424                      DeAnn Morgan on Colour Me Fast            
  12th 15.426                      Morgan Beckstrom on Slingshot Lane        
  13th 15.431                      Casey Wagner on Frenchmans Flit           
  14th 15.458                      Tanner Shelton on One Famous Chance       
  15th 15.462                      Alisha Wheeler on TM Conclusive           
  16th 15.478                      Kelsey Hayden on BuhBye                   
  17th 15.485                      Ashley Schafer on Positively Streakin     
  18th 15.494                      Molly Otto on SixAppeal                   
  19th 15.495                      Joao Leao on Lotodaflo                    
  20th 15.505                      Sara Cheeney on Pepinics French Girl      
  21st 15.529                      Melena Osborne on YGW Smoke N Hot         
  22nd 15.530                      Emma Charleston on TR Designer WildChild  
  23rd 15.551                      Laura Lambert on Big Big Butterbean       
  24th 15.575                      Calley Worth on JRT Lilys Cash            
  25th 15.642                      Jordan Bailey on Frosted Judge            
  26th 15.676                      Amy Jo Reisdorfer on Bulleva              
  27th 15.725                      Kristen Zancanella on Sheza Lioness       
  28th 15.752                      Angie Wiesen on Snazzyinbeautyjeans       
  29th 15.810                      Desirae Wheeler on TM Chocolate Cookie    
  30th 15.866                      CJ Vondette on Bea Shaker                 
  31st 16.136                      Angie Wiesen on Alero Classic             
  32nd 19.449                      Joao Leao on Flobot                       
  33rd 20.062                      Tyler Crosby on Too Slick To Wait         
  34th 20.436                      Toria Madsen on Dial N Zoom               
  35th 20.737                      Cassidy Dreisziger on Magic Moonlark      
  36th 20.891                      Spencer King on Reyvolving Loan           
  37th 20.968                      Teresa Morrell on CalibCashDatCheck       
  38th 21.747                      Sue Smith on Dashs Centerfold             
  39th 25.590                      Kristy Yerrington on A Dynamite Goodbye   
  40th 26.238                      Andre Coelho on Famous Lady Pistol                                                                         
N/T    999.000                     Anita Ellis on RV Two Dash Ta Vegas  

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