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8/5/20 Open Polebending Results

8/5/20 Open Polebending Results

8/5/20 Open 3D Pole Bending Full Results - 1 second splits - $750 added - 75% Payback

1D Placings                                   
   1st 20.763 $295.00         Lora Nichols on Fabs Famous Cat                
   2nd 20.771 $226.00         Darcie Moody on RGR Marble Magic               
   3rd 20.799 $164.00         Keylee Zancanella on Miss Run On Fame  
   4th 21.135                 Karissa Phillips on Kidnap Cash                
   5th 21.299                 Halie Rhodes on Reds Nifty Solo                
   6th 21.362                 Kloe Nichols on Famous French Toast            
   7th 21.410                 Janesa Lange on Pretty Smooth Guy              
   8th 21.512                 Kloe Nichols on Boonsmals Snazzy               
   9th 21.619                 Maddie Jacobson on Mia Ground Hog              
2D Placings                                   
   1st 21.846 $226.00         Janesa Lange on A Smooth Movin Lucy            
   2nd 21.860 $174.00         Kathy Campbell on Famous Wildcat               
   3rd 22.271 $126.00         Jodi Edwards on Guards Smooth Slidin       
   4th 22.312                 Mesa Allen on Beau                             
   5th 22.390                 Sophia Nordby on Tooly                         
   6th 22.567                 Shyann Lucas on Astreakinmerridoc              
   7th 22.695                 Addison Harris on Kings Ruby River             
3D Placings                                   
   1st 23.532 $164.00         Shyann Lucas on Easanon Tres                   
   2nd 23.756 $126.00         Wendie Scheidle on Slick French Mimosa         
   3rd 23.825 $ 92.00         Cami Bussmus on Cosmic Radiance    
   4th 25.559                 Shyann Lucas on Cooper 777                     
   5th 27.918                 Dusdee Shepperson on French Glits N Glam       
   6th 30.342                 Mylie Edwards on Tommy Boy                     
   7th 30.747                 Erica Luzzi on Best B A Fancy Chick            
N/T    999.000                Chloe Edwards on Smoken Jo                     
N/T    999.000                Kyndal Schley on Baileys Packin Heat  

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